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Three things differentiate

living from the soul versus

living from the ego only. They

are: the ability to sense and

learn new ways, the tenacity

to ride a rough road, and the

patience to learn deep love

over time.

~Clarissa Pinkola Estes

Psychotherapy for Individuals, Couples, and Families

I collaborate with clients to find an approach that fits the presenting concern, and to decide who will be participating in the therapy process.

Sometimes the focus is individual:

  • resolving painful memories in early relationships

  • developing healthy coping strategies

  • addressing anxiety or depression

  • working through major decisions

I use a wide variety of strategies to assist couples seeking to rekindle, strengthen, or heal their partnerships, addressing concerns about:

  • communication and satisfying emotional connection

  • sexual intimacy and sexual difficulties

  • fidelity and healthy boundaries

  • family-of-origin

  • in-laws

  • blended family conflicts

I have found that it is possible to do very effective work on a couple relationship even when one partner is not willing to participate in counselling.

I provide family therapy, usually beginning with parents, to address:

  • effective discipline

  • sibling rivalry

  • parent-teen conflict

  • relationships with adult children

Tending to family relationships is a way to deeply support our own wellness and also provide for the long-term health and happiness of our children, whatever their age.

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