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Waiting For Safety



a question mark

waving in the wind,

holding to the fetal curl

and the safety of the winter womb.


not the gentle

kiss of sun,

nor stream voice calling,

can coax

that frond

to unfurl

one single moment

before it does.

- Donna Faulds

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Vera Dyck, M.Sc., R.P., R.M.F.T.


As of Nov. 30, 2022, I am no longer providing psychotherapy. This has been a clarifying year for me in terms of my responsibilities and priorities. I'm making changes to my work, practice, and life.
More announcements (and updates to my website) to follow in coming months but please understand I will not be returning to work in the same way that I previously have. For now I'm continuing with my consultation groups.  

For an IFS trained therapist, go to:


For couple or family therapy, go to the Canadian Association of Marriage and Family Therapy:

For an EMDR therapist, search EMDR Canada: 

I am no longer able to provide customized referrals. 

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