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When I dare to be powerful - to use my strength in service of my vision - then it becomes less and less important whether I am afraid.

-Audre Lorde

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Vera Dyck, M.Sc., R.P., R.M.F.T.


As 2023 gets rolling, I am not providing traditional psychotherapy (one-on-one, or couple/family in-office - or on video - individualized sessions).
For a variety of reasons, I'm making changes to my work, practice, and life.
More announcements (and updates to my website) to follow in coming months. 
I am accepting new therapists as consultees in IFS triad coaching and practice groups. 

For an IFS trained therapist, go to:


For couple or family therapy, go to the Canadian Association of Marriage and Family Therapy:

For an EMDR therapist, search EMDR Canada: 

Former clients, please leave me confidential voice messages with requests for referrals. I am no longer able to provide customized referrals to those who are not my former clients.  

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